It may seem unbelievable but the research is in.  This is monumentally important to the health of your baby and possibly the easiest thing for you to control. Your diet during pregnancy.

Scientists believe that a baby’s lifetime of good or poor health is determined by the nutrition it receives during your pregnancy.  Poor nutrition during pregnancy and in the first few months of life may lead to higher risks of obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Professor Koletzko of the University of Munich and coordinator of a Europe wide research project on Early Nutrition Programming said: “Major differences in risk factors for significant health problems – such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, bone health, immune function, cognitive development and behavior – have already been observed in children who experienced different diets in the first few months of life, or whose mothers were given different supplements during pregnancy.”

Do your homework …

My Naturally Well Baby – a website set up by Dr. van der Veer and offering wonderful, detailed yet easy to follow information about diet for your pregnancy.

Ask Dr. Sears – the author of some of my favorite books on baby care, this web page guides you through the ins and outs of your diet during pregnancy.

Prenatal Vitamins

Even the most complete diet cannot provide everything that a mother and baby needs for optimal health during pregnancy and breastfeeding. A supplement is the best way to cover your bases.  However, I recommend you steer away from the prescription that your doctor may hand you and look for higher quality elsewhere (unless you have an enlightened doctor who is educated in integrative medicine).  Most prescription prenatal vitamins are made by large commercial manufacturers that are going to use the cheapest ingredients possible, many of which may not even be in “usable” form for the body. If you do your prenatal vitamin research you may find the name Rainbow Light coming up frequently.  Women love these vitamins.  Rainbow Light is the creator of the first ever food-based line of supplements that offer natural, usable vitamins to the body.  They are complete with digestive enzymes and even probiotics.  Both very important to your health and your baby.


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