Phthalates are industrial chemicals and they are found in the products you are putting on your baby and yourself.

These chemicals are used to soften plastics, like baby toys.  Even worse, they are used in our cosmetics and beauty products, including soap, shampoo, lotions, powders, oils, sunscreen, bug spray...etc.  Yes, even if it is a product made for babies.  Phthalates help stabilize fragrances and help penetrate and soften the skin, whether it's for your hairspray or your baby's shampoo.

Phthalates are absorbed through the skin when you rub in the lotion.  They are inhaled when you spray on the hairspray and perfume.  They are even ingested when our food or drink becomes contaminated from the container or our child sucks on a plastic baby toy.

So what is the danger of exposure to phthalates?

  • Liver damage

  • Kidney damage

  • Lung damage

  • Developmental and reproductive toxicity, especially to developing testes
  - this is particularly important to mothers of boys or pregnant mommies.  Think about all of the products you apply everyday.  You are not only exposing yourself  but also your son's developing reproductive organs.

Remember, our children are much more sensitive to toxins because their reproductive, endocrine, and immune systems are still developing.  That is why it is so vitally important to take this information to heart and start getting rid of those commercial products. It's fun and easy to make your own natural stuff at home anyway so why not have some fun with it knowing you are making an impact on your baby's health?

If you need some ready-made baby lotions and soaps I recommend you check out Earth Mama Angel Baby, Kabana Skin Care, or Burt's Bees. California Baby is also a popular one as well as Dr. Bronner's Castile soaps.

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