My little boy screamed and his face turned beet red.My son has rarely had a problem with diaper rash.  I of course always kept a tube of Desitin diaper rash cream on hand for the rare occasion that we needed it.  It always seemed to work really well.  I had also had a tube of Burt's Bees Diaper Rash Cream, which was wonderful, but harder to come by.

It wasn't until he caught something - a bug or a parasite ( I suspect a parasite from the water park we went to which is exactly why I tried to avoid those places) - that led to a week straight of diarrhea. Some days it was every hour of the day and night.  Diaper rash was unavoidable and near impossible to cure until the diarrhea let up.

Every diaper change was a struggle and of course he fought me putting the Desitin on his bottom, but we got through it.  It wasn't until later that I figured it out.  I had switched to Boudreaux's Butt Paste to switch it up a bit and maybe get a different healing effect on his rash.  A few days later I went back to the Desitin.  That was when it was extrememly obvious.  He screamed, cried, and his little face turned as red as a tomato as soon as I slathered the Desitin on his rash.  It was awful.  I wiped the Desitin off and he immediately felt better.  I put the Boudreaux's on with no reaction at all.

I had read a while back one mother on a message board say that Desitin burned but I thought to myself "I've never noticed that before."  Well, now I noticed it.

So beware Mamas.  If you notice any reaction at all from your little one it may be the Desitin.  Every diaper rash cream uses zinc oxice as its main ingredient.  Apparently it's the secondary ingredients you have to watch out for.

Boudreaux's Butt Paste elicited no negative reaction and seemed to work nicely for healing or at least keeping his diaper rash in check.  Once the diarrhea let up the Boudreaux's healed the rash within a day.  Using cornstarch alone during the diarrhea was not a winner.  It was absolutely imperative that I have a barrier cream over the wound and A&D on top of the diaper rash cream made it especially water proof so the poop was very easy to clean off.

Boudreaux's is a little more expensive than Desitin but not as expensive as Triple Paste so I will be sticking with that from now on (which hopefully won't be too much longer as we work on potty training - but that's another story!)

Just like all my other baby stuff - I get my Butt Paste on Amazon!


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